College League Schedule/Results

The Fields will host a 14-week Fall Season for college mens teams in the area. Each team will play 10 regular season games with 1 bye week. Every game is 60 minutes in duration. T-Shirts will be awarded to the Champions! 

Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.


The final three weeks of the season will be semi finals, quarter finals, and finals. Only the top 8 teams will play past the regular season games. Regular season ends on November 24th, 2019.


September 15
Sunday 2:30PM FC Bayonne 4 3 Bayonne 2
Sunday 3:35PM Archangel Michael 2 2 Westside
Sunday 4:40PM Bergen 1 3 3 Queens
Sunday 5:45PM Belleville Superstarz 7 6 Bergen Reds
Sunday 6:50PM St. Abanoub & St. Anthony 2 5 Bayonne
BYE WEEK: Saint George Brooklyn
September 22
Sunday 2:00PM Saint George Brooklyn 5 1 Westside
Sunday 3:05PM Bergen 1 6 4 Bayonne 2
Sunday 4:10PM Archangel Michael 1 2 Bergen Reds
Sunday 5:15PM St. Abanoub & St. Anthony 6 7 Queens
Sunday 6:20PM Belleville Superstarz 3 4 FC Bayonne
BYE WEEK: Bayonne
September 29
Sunday 2:00PM Bergen 1 5 6 Belleville Superstarz
Sunday 3:05PM Archangel Michael 2 1 FC Bayonne
Sunday 4:10PM Bayonne 0 1 Queens
Sunday 5:15PM Saint George Brooklyn 2 2 Bergen Reds
Sunday 6:20PM St. Abanoub & St. Anthony 1 6 Bayonne 2
BYE WEEK: Westside
October 6
Sunday 2:00PM Archangel Michael 0 1 Bergen 1
Sunday 3:05PM St. Abanoub & St. Anthony 1 8 Belleville Superstarz
Sunday 4:10PM Saint George Brooklyn 0 2 FC Bayonne
Sunday 5:15PM Bayonne 2 3 Bayonne 2
Sunday 6:20PM Westside 7 3 Bergen Reds
BYE WEEK: Queens
October 13
Sunday 2:00PM St. Abanoub & St. Anthony Archangel Michael
Sunday 3:05PM Queens Bayonne 2
Sunday 4:10PM Bayonne Belleville Superstarz
Sunday 5:15PM Westside FC Bayonne
Sunday 6:20PM Saint George Brooklyn Bergen 1
BYE WEEK: Bergen Reds
October 20
Sunday 2:00PM Saint George Brooklyn St. Abanoub & St. Anthony
Sunday 3:05PM Bayonne Archangel Michael
Sunday 4:10PM Queens Belleville Superstarz
Sunday 5:15PM Westside Bergen 1
Sunday 6:20PM Bergen Reds FC Bayonne
BYE WEEK: Bayonne 2
October 27
Sunday 2:00PM Bayonne Saint George Brooklyn
Sunday 3:05PM Westside St. Abanoub & St. Anthony
Sunday 4:10PM Queens Archangel Michael
Sunday 5:15PM Bergen Reds Bergen 1
Sunday 6:20PM Bayonne 2 Belleville Superstarz
BYE WEEK: FC Bayonne
November 3
Sunday 2:00PM Westside Bayonne
Sunday 3:05PM Queens Saint George Brooklyn
Sunday 4:10PM Bergen Reds St. Abanoub & St. Anthony
Sunday 5:15PM Bayonne 2 Archangel Michael
Sunday 6:20PM FC Bayonne Bergen 1
BYE WEEK: Belleville Superstarz
November 10
Sunday 2:00PM Bayonne 2 Saint George Brooklyn
Sunday 3:05PM Bergen Reds Bayonne
Sunday 4:10PM Queens Westside
Sunday 5:15PM FC Bayonne St. Abanoub & St. Anthony
Sunday 6:20PM Belleville Superstarz Archangel Michael
BYE WEEK: Bergen 1
November 17
Sunday 2:00PM Belleville Superstarz Saint George Brooklyn
Sunday 3:05PM Bayonne 2 Westside
Sunday 4:10PM FC Bayonne Bayonne
Sunday 5:15PM Bergen Reds Queens
Sunday 6:20PM Bergen 1 St. Abanoub & St. Anthony
BYE WEEK: Archangel Michael
November 24
Sunday 2:00PM Bayonne 2 Bergen Reds
Sunday 3:05PM FC Bayonne Queens
Sunday 4:10PM Belleville Superstarz Westside
Sunday 5:15PM Bergen 1 Bayonne
Sunday 6:20PM Archangel Michael Saint George Brooklyn
BYE WEEK: St. Abanoub & St. Anthony
December 1
Semi Finals
Sunday 2:00PM Semi A 1st Place Semi A 8th Place
Sunday 3:05PM Semi B 2nd Place Semi B 7th Place
Sunday 4:10AM Semi C 3rd Place Semi C 6th Place
Sunday 5:15AM Semi D 4th Place Semi D 5th Place
December 8
Quarter Finals
Sunday 2:00PM Quarter Final: Winner Semi A Quarter Final: Winner Semi D
Sunday 3:05PM Quarter Final: Winner Semi C Quarter Final: Winner Semi B
December 15
Sunday 7:45PM Final Final